Any experienced e-commerce owner can tell you that building an e-commerce website from scratch is daunting. You’re hard at work every day, and you don’t want an added pressure of having to build a website yourself. Or you don’t have the required web design skills and coding knowledge to create a website or think that it will take a big chunk of your time. Well, worry not, because we are going to bring you 3 best online store builders that you can use to build your small building website easily and in a shorter timescale in 2018. Let’s get right to it:

Wix is the leading online store builder today

Wix is the best online store builder to create your small business website. It allows you to create a stunning website in only a matter of minutes. And the deal breaker is that you don’t have to pay a dime to create your website with it. Many would-be online small business owners flock to Wiz because it comes with a huge array of features and tools to make the process of creating your business easier, such as your own domain name, thousands of templates, effortless drag and drop functionality, and its optimized for mobile. This is surely the best online store builder for both the beginner and experienced business owners.

Squarespace is a great online store builder to create a splendid website

Spacesquare has been used by thousands of businesses in different industries to create elegant websites. The online store builder comes with a glittering array of templates to make your website look both elegant and professional. It’s an all-in-one online store that has almost everything you need to run a business online. Regardless of your position in the e-commerce space, Wix helps your business grow quickly.

Weebly online store builder

Weebly is easy to use online store builder. It comes with an intuitive design, a drag and drop feature and user-friendly design to allow anybody to create their website with it. Its popularity has increased over the years, and now it powers more than 40 million websites on the internet. That’s about 2% of all websites out there. It also comes with elegant templates to make your website stunning, predesigned page layouts and innovative features. This is certainly one of the best online store builders to contemplate if you want to create a website in 2018.


Creating a website used to be expensive a few years back because you needed to build a custom designed website, which required that you hire a webs designer to do it. The whole process is expensive. However, the innovation of web builders has enabled everyone to build their websites cost-effectively and start selling products online.